Would the best European start-up please stand up?

Would the best European start-up please stand up?

PluggOnly two months to go before the European conference Plugg starts. In case you haven’t heard about this conference yet, let me tell you what their mission is: raising global awareness for European start-ups in the Web / Mobile 2.0 field. Sounds familiar? You betcha! This blog is, amongst other things, also trying to promote our spectacular start-up culture. That’s why we became mediapartner of Plugg.

And we now have some interesting news for European start-ups. Plugg wants you to offer early-stage funding and trade press, tech blogger and early-adopter attention. Only thing you have to do is subscribing for the Start-ups Rally.

A number of industry professionals will select the 20 start-ups they consider to be the best. Those lucky and apparently talented guys get to pitch at the conference on March 19th in Brussels and have a chance of winning the Plugg Start-Up of the Year Award 2008. The deadline for registration is Friday the 8th of February.

Looking forward to seeing you guys in Brussels!

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