How to make your (AdWords) Ad Remarkable

How to make your (AdWords) Ad Remarkable

This article is written by affiliate- and search marketeer Eduard Blacquière.

A few days ago I noticed one of the most creative Google AdWords Ads I’ve ever seen:


But…it’s not allowed!
Just a couple of hours before I saw this remarkable AdWords ad, I went to a Google training about Google AdWords. They had used the exact same ad to illustrate that overuse of punctuation isn’t allowed.

Is Your AdWords Ad Remarkable?
This example illustrates the importance of the fact that you have to be remarkable. Your ad has to diverse itself from your competitors. Of course you run into restrictions of the Google AdWords policy, yet that’s where creativity comes in.

First thing you do when making an AdWords ad is focus on relevancy, especially the relevancy between the keyword(s) and the ad text. Of course you can use keyword insertion, but if everyone does, you’re not original anymore. So it takes a little more than that.

Relevancy is also created by making specific ad groups. Create ad groups which are focused around a small number of related keywords and write specific ads for those keywords. By doing that you reach a good relevancy, which increases your CTR and your quality score, which leads to high(er) rankings and a lower minimum bid per click.

Be remarkable
Use your unique selling proposition in your AdWords ads. What makes you different from your competitors? Don’t be afraid of going just a little bit over the edge. To quote the wise words of Seth Godin: it’s all about being remarkable.

Good luck!

Eduard Blacquière (1981) is business consultant at the Amsterdam office of Outrider, the search marketing company of GroupM. Eduard has 3 years of work experience in affiliate marketing and search marketing at Testnet and Checkit in the Netherlands. He writes about search marketing (in Dutch) at his own blog and at leading Dutch marketing blogs Marketingfacts and DutchCowboys.

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