Video Interview: Deborah Schultz

Video Interview: Deborah Schultz

Video InterviewWhen we started this blog we quickly decided that we wanted to do more than just blog posts. One thing we came up with was the concept of VideoFridays. Every Friday we are going to post a video interview with someone where we talk, informally, about the next web. This week I invited Deborah Schultz who also spoke at The Next Web Conference 2007.

In theory this sounds great and if you have ever watched a keynote with Steve Jobs demonstrating iChat you would think that this couldn’t go wrong. In reality however iChat stinks. It works, sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t. You need a broadband connection that works flawlessly and you can just forget about using Wi-Fi. And then you both have to have the exact same settings and then sometimes it sort of works.

Anyway, enough excuses. After working with Deborah for about 2 hours we finally got to do the interview I wanted to do. Only to be interupted by an uninvited extra guest. Enjoy the interview.


Next weeks guest: Chris Saad from about the new developments.

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