Mahalo going after WikiPedia

Mahalo going after WikiPedia

Mahalo Offices CalacanisMahalo launched a new toolbar and introduced user created stubs yesterday. Users have always been able to post links to Mahalo. Now they can even build their pages themselves or collectively.

Users can create pages called “stubs” just like on Wikipedia. Mahalo didn’t bother to come up with a new name for their user generated pages which makes sense because most people understand “stubs”. Google came up with “Knol”, their own definition of a “stub”.

If you abuse Mahalo Stubs by spamming or inserting only your own links your account will be banned. Someone apparently will be checking all the Stubs. I wonder how spamproof & scalable this will be. As Mahalo grows it will become more and more interesting to start your own Mahalo ‘ShareTheLove’ linkfarm.

One interesting note: there is no word about these new features on the official Mahalo blog yet. Instead, the announcement was made on Calacanis’ personal blog and to his 5000+ Mahalo Twitter followers. It is sort of a open/closed beta launch I guess…

There is a large collection of Mahalo Stubs here:

One example:

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