Wikiffiti, Operation Mindfuck & [citation needed]

Wikiffiti, Operation Mindfuck & [citation needed]

WikiffitiMatt Mechtley felt like publicly commenting (Operation Mindfuck) on all the billboards and advertisements and their audacious claims. He is also a big WikiPedia fan and decided that these ads need some of the little [citation needed] tags as can be found in Wikipedia articles. He had some stickers made and distributed them to his friends and some of his blog readers with the request to put them on billboards, take a photo and then upload the photo to Flickr with the tag “citationneeded“.

So far there are only 12 photos tagged with “citationneeded” on Flickr but that might change fast as popular magazines (Make Magazine & Bright magazine) and blogs (BoingBoing) pick this up.

Want to join the movement? Download the PSD or PDF file, print some stickers and start Wikiffiti-ing.

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