Google + kite-surfing + environment + Virgin = Virgle

Google + kite-surfing + environment + Virgin = Virgle

Update: Virgle is an April’s fools stunt. Read the background here.

As Gizmodo wrote today, Branson is partnering up with Google-founder Larry Page. Their secret project, named Virgle, is ‘a scheme with an environmental bent’. “It’s an exciting project, says mr. Branson. “Page also hopes to devote money to renewable energy, and that’s an area in which we’ll definitely collaborate.”

Considering Page’s part in this, it probably is an Internet-based project. If so, we’re not surprised at all. Why? Because Branson told us in September that he is interested in any good pro-environment idea concerning the web.

Pfauth talks to BransonWe talked to Branson during the PICNIC’07 Green Challenge in Amsterdam. We asked him what could be the use of the Internet as a tool for environment quest.

“Funny that you ask me that question, since my company isn’t really active on the web”, Branson replied. “Although I think that the online environment community The Green Thing is really charming. I should talk with those guys later.”

The Green Thing is a social network build by well-respected and talented designers, copy writers and marketeers. They try to make people more aware of the environment by sending them a small monthly task – such as: turn the lights off when you leave the room.

Branson: “If they can present it in a fashionable way, it will probably have a huge influence on the lifestyle of a great number of people.”

He ended the conversation with an invitation: “If you guys have a good idea to contribute to my quest for renewable energy trough the Internet, I’d be happy to support you”.

Looks like Larry Page came up with a pretty good idea during their kite-surf sessions.

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