Facebook: Coming to a Country Near You

Facebook: Coming to a Country Near You

Facebook is more addictive than crackLast week we wrote about Netlog, a successful European Social Network that lets members translate its service into different languages. They are currently offering 8 different local versions of their service and is close to reaching 30 million members and 4 billion page views every month. They built a Turkish version in less than a week which grew to 2.5 million members in only four months.

It seems that Facebook came to the same solution recently when it was searching for a way to start offering localized versions of its service. Mashable reports that Facebook will launch a new app titled Facebook Translations (link wasn’t active when I published this!) that will help members translate Facebook into different languages. Facebook wants to make Facebook “available to everyone, everywhere, in all languages”.

They claim to have more than 800 translators working on several different languages right now. In recent years we have noticed that simply translating a service isn’t enough to claim a local market and users often prefer an existing local product over an imported and translated foreign one. Still, Facebook is not just a social network but a great platform with more benefits that just networking.

It is going to be an exciting year for European Social Networks as Facebook comes available in more languages.

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