Blognation: Officially, definitively and permanently over…

Blognation: Officially, definitively and permanently over…

blognation - one nation, no voicesAfter the whole Blognation story last week I was sort of expecting another thing to happen. Another post by Sam (‘Scam’) Sethi or a new captain taking over or a lawsuit or, well, something. Anything!

But it seems that Blognation is now officially, seriously, definitively and permanently over. Blognation’s hosting company, Howard Baines, has updated the landing page for Blognation. And they seem to have a sense of humor about the whole thing too. The title of the page is now ‘one nation, no voices‘ where it used to be ‘one nation, many voices‘ and the new frontpage displays the following message: Will the last one out please turn off the light.

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It is clear that for many people this story is far from over and I’m sure we will all remember and talk about it for years to come but at least Blognation, the website, has now ceased to exist.

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