Meet the rocking South African Web 2.0 community

Meet the rocking South African Web 2.0 community

Web 2.0 evangelist, bloggers and other web savvies tend to forget that there’s more than the Valley. Believe us, there is! Just look at the Open Coffee meetings all over the world and prestigious European conferences such as Le Web: representatives of the next web are everywhere! That’s why The Next Web asks influential and creative web experts from different countries to tip us about cool initiatives in their environment. We call them WebTipr’s and are really glad they keep an eye on the next web for us.

South AfricaWe’ve just started this blog and already received some useful tips. Johan Pretorius from South Africa recently mailed us an article, which describes the Web 2.0 and New Media community in his country.

‘Wordpress Rockstar’ Adii writes that they are ‘a very close-knit community with a lot of energy – and compared to other countries our size, I believe that we have achieved a helluva lot in the past 12 months’.

The 18-blogs-rich list shows us a very diverse crowd of people. From the co-owner of the African blog aggregatorMike Stopforth to talented web designer Mark Forrester and from ‘Mr. Web 2.0’ Vinny Lingham to ‘Web Addict’ Rafiq Phillips – who most likely is ‘born online’.

The ‘Great Saffa List’ is certainly worth a look. I always find it inspiring, reading the blogs of people from a totally different country, yet active in the same business. Great way to discover new possibilities and point of views. Have fun on your virtual trip to South Africa!

[WebTipr: Johan Pretorius]

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