Something funny, From Microsoft (No really!)

Something funny, From Microsoft (No really!)

The following movie was created by Geert Desager who works as a trade Marketing Manager for Microsoft. The movie is beautiful and it is hard to believe that Microsoft came up with this. Even Geert seems to wonder about that openly on his blog. He writes:

“by the end of the month, I’ll be able to tell you whether I still work as a Marketing Manager at Microsoft, or whether this project finally turned itself against me”

Now watch the movie:


Considering that the movie has won its first award and is being referenced on thousands of blogs by now I’m pretty sure that he is going to be at Microsoft for a long time.

On the other hand… aah no, lets be optimistic and friendly for a chance.

I didn’t think I would ever write these words, but here we go: Thank you Microsoft!

UPDATE: Geert left a comment here to tell us that Microsoft didn’t fire his ass but handed him an award and shipped him off to Singapore. Good for him!

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