Presentation Saul Klein online

Presentation Saul Klein online (video/quicktime Object)Saul Klein was the first Keynote speaker of The Next Web Conference 2007. He is a partner at Index Ventures and investor in almost all hot european startups of the last couple off years (moo,, joost, stardoll, spotrunner).
In February this year Saul started a discussion on his blog about “Y Europe can seed growth of its new stars” pointing out all the strengths and advantages Europe has over Silicon Valley. He wants to create better circumstances for startups to grow to multi million companies. Right after this blogpost he started Open Coffee. The First Open Coffee was in London in March (Amsterdam was the second) and the OpenCoffeeClub spreaded out over Europe (and even the US). At the moment there are more then 60 OpenCoffee Meetup Cities worldwide.

Saul didn’t end his European improvement vision after OpenCoffee. Inspired by yCombinator and TechStar, he started a European startups school under the name SeedCamp (if you’re a talented developer/entrepreneur take a look at it).
2 winners of SeedCamp will be presenting their startup during the 2008 version of The Next Web.

This is the first video of The Next Web presentations.

Keynote: Saul Klein – Why Europe can seed the growth of its new stars

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