Seedcamp partners with The Next Web

Seedcamp partners with The Next Web

Untitled-1 @ 100% (CMYK/Preview)About a week ago, Saul Klein (Index ventures) and Reshma Sohoni (3i) started a new pan European initiative for startups and talented entrepreneurs (read the initial Seedcamp post).

At The Next Web 2008 edition we will host Showcases of successful/promising European companies, just like we did on the 2006 and 2007 edition. Netvibes, Hyves, esnips, Widsets, Respectance, Zyb, Mobiya, eBuddy and others presented their companies on main stage for the highly tech savvy crowd. We decided that we will give two of the winning Seedcamp teams the opportunity to Showcase their service on The Next Web ’08.

Teams can sign up for Seedcamp and win 50k Euros (and a Showcase) and have a great experience to be working with Europe’s leading internet entrepreneurs and investors.

A lot of good stuff is happening in Europe (Open Coffee clubs everywhere) and seedcamp is one of those great initiatives that helps Europe become competitive and on the edge. Well done Saul and Reshma, we’re excited to be working with you guys.

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