Yahoo: Search is history?

Yahoo: Search is history?

Tapan Path at The Next Web COnferenceHere is another ‘There isn’t any real news so lets create some’ article from none less than the Times.

They listened to Tapan Bath at The Next Web who literally said:

“The future of the web is about personalization. Where search was dominant, now the web is about ‘me.’ It’s about weaving the web together in a way that is smart and personalized for the user”

The Times translated that to:

Search is history, says Yahoo!

When asked about his statement Tapan refined his words:

“We’re not admitting defeat. Search still matters, but we need to be providing a wrapper around search to turn the info search offers up into something more useful.”

Ok, so Yahoo isn’t saying that Search is history at all? Nope. Yahoo isn’t saying anything. Tapan is saying that search just can be improved upon. But that wouldn’t make an interesting headline…

Read the whole article here: Search is history, says Yahoo!

Follow up: Read/Writeweb wrote an article based on the Times article but then posted a rectification the next day after Yahoo contacted them. Check both posts:

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