“I bet you want the goodies, bet you thought about it, got you all hot and bothered, mad ’cause I talk around it, looking for the goodies, keep on lookin’ cuz they stay in the jar. Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh.” 

When ‘crunk&B’ star Ciara sang those lines back in 2004 she wasn’t talking about TNW’s goodies – and a good thing too, because you very much can have our goodies.

For a long time now, people have asked us for a chance to wear our logo out and about, and our new online store at goodies.thenextweb.com allows you to do just that.

Whether it’s a t-shirt or a hoodie you’re after, we’ve got designs covering everything from the TNW logo to something a bit more elaborate. Our limited edition ‘The Internet Made Me Do It’ t-shirt has proved particularly popular so far.

All garments are made of high quality materials and available now.

➤ TNW Goodies

TNW Goodies