Suitcase Startup episode 5: The pains of launching at SXSW

Suitcase Startup episode 5: The pains of launching at SXSW

Every two weeks, we’re following Chris Bradley in his Suitcase Startup mission, as he travels around his adopted home of London, armed only with a suitcase and a dream, meeting people who can help him launch his company, Publicate.

In episode 5 we join Chris and newly announced co-founder Anastasia Emmanuel at SXSW , where Publicate is trying to make a name for itself by talking to as many influencers as possible. There’s an interview with Robert Scoble lined up, a live video panel, and plenty of networking to be done – not to mention trying to get a press release out in sync with UK hours when they’re in a completely different timezone. And hey, what would SXSW be like without a little partying?

Another conference. “Great.”

This one’s different, trust us. Our new event for New York is focused on quality, not quantity.

Don’t forget to catch up with the previous episodes, and you can find out more about Suitcase Startup on its website.

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