MLOC.JS is a sellout conference taking place in Budapest over the next two days, organized by the teams behind some of Hungary’s most successful startups; PreziLogMeIn and Ustream, and you can watch it right here on The Next Web.

As we noted earlier this week, speakers include representatives from companies such as Google, Facebook, Mozilla, PayPal, Groupon and SoundCloud. The program for the event includes talks about everything from ‘Building Hybrid Web Apps’ to ‘Metaprogramming with Haxe/JS.’ As the event website puts it, it “isn’t gonna be huge, but it will be hard core.”

You can read about all the speakers here, and check the schedule here. The program runs from 8.50am to 6.20pm CET on Friday the 15th of February, and from 10am to 6.35 pm CET on Saturday the 16th of February. Enjoy!

Streaming by Ustream

Thumbnail image credit: Pond5