Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Vooza, “the world’s most unbelievable tech startup.”

Hey, I’m Matthew Stillman, the CEO of Vooza. Vooza is a mobile app that ties together group messaging, recommendations, and local search in a way that is real-time and customizable. (Also, we steal data from your phone and sell it.)

Every week, we release a new video that features members of our team telling their stories and giving insight into building a startup. It’s all part of our radical, impactful transparency – something we call Radimparency.

Today, we begin a partnership with The Next Web to give TNW readers the exclusive first look at these videos. In this clip, we share our insights about what it takes to craft a great pitch. Hint: It involves storytelling, passion, a willingness to fail, and Mongolian monks.

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