The Next Web is streaming live interviews from the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam and catching up with some interesting exhibitors who are launching products or breaking news at the show.

Ruwido is a provider of input devices – more commonly known as remote controls – for IPTV, satellite and cable TV interaction. The company reconsiders what a remote control is and how it should work now that consumer requirements have gone far beyond a handful of channels and a teletext service.

The input devices Ruwido provides include different methods like haptics for speeding up and slowing down processes like skimming menus and voice control for search. The company CEO Ferdinand Maire pointed out that although features like voice interaction have been problematic in the past, combining it with other options for users to choose the input method they like best is what makes it more appealing.

He also points out that although many of us are now watching TV with a second screen or a mobile device, that these items are unlikely to replace the remote. Find out why in the video below.

Over the coming days we’ll bring you more from IBC and find out how the Internet is changing television. Through LiveU, we’ll be streaming live video throughout the days as well as posting video chats about the future of TV.