Is Silicon Sangria Barcelona’s answer to Silicon Valley? [video]

Is Silicon Sangria Barcelona’s answer to Silicon Valley? [video]

Silicon Siesta,¬†Silicon Sangria,¬†Silicon Tapas,¬†Silicon Dali, Silicon Bottelon,¬†Silicon bullfighting,¬†Silicon Fiesta,¬†Silicon Rambla and ¬†Silicon del Messi are just a few of the name suggestions for Barcelona‚Äôs answer to Silicon Valley. And some of Silicon Valley came to Barcelona last week just before one of Europe‚Äôs biggest tech events of the year -Mobile World Congress -you can see our live coverage here. The event, organized by the newly launched E3 Union, was aptly named ‚ÄėSilicon Valley comes to ¬†Barcelona‚Äô and featured technorati such as TechStar‚Äôs Brad Feld and Startup Geonome‚Äôs ¬†Bjoern Lasse Herrmann¬†who talked about how Barcelona could replicate the valley‚Äôs key to success.

Inspired by Canadian entrepreneur Victoria Lennox‚Äôs work on NACUE‚Äď ¬†the¬†National Association of Colleges and University Entrepreneurs¬†she set up to sit as the umbrella organization to promote student enterprise amongst universities in the UK, the founders of E3 , Marc Sanz Lopez and Aida Martinez with the help of¬†Celine Schmahl, have a similar vision for Spain‚Äôs student entrepreneurs.

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Union E3 has 6 of the main universities of the country and their respective university entrepreneurship clubs on board to start collaborating to learn faster, create more and become bigger collectively for a bigger impact.

Their goal is to incorporate every single university around the country, unite the entrepreneurial entities within the universities and form new ones in order to develop ecosystem and pool of know-how for student entrepreneurs.

The panel for what Barcelona can learn from Silicon Valley included Innovalley‚Äôs Ariadna Mateu ‚Äď a tech clothing company based in Silicon Valley and a young entrepreneur dubbed ‚ÄėSpain‚Äôs answer to Mark Zuckerberg Pep Gomez who discussed how failure is seen as success and other Valley differences. The audience then heard about the Supporting Ecosystem in Spain hearing from VC‚Äôs like¬†¬†Josep Amor√≥s Moya¬†who is Vice- Director for ¬†Spain‚Äôs¬†Wayra¬†‚Äď Part of¬†Telefonica‚Äôs venture arm.

We also caught up with¬†Jeroen¬†Kemperman, founder of¬†‚Äď a mission bring Spanish entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley this year.

Interview with E3 founders Marc Sanz Lopez and Aida Martinez.

Interview with Barcelona based entrepreneurs Jeroen Kemperman founder of and Cortney Woodruff.

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