Berlin startup 6Wunderkinder unleashed to-do list app Wunderlist on the world back in November 2010, but ever since has been working on its real vision – Wunderkit. The company finally released the first invites to the service yesterday and you can read our own Drew Olanoff’s first impressions here (in short, he was impressed).

Back in August 2011, and sworn to secrecy, I was invited to 6wunderkinder’s Berlin office to take a first look at Wunderkit. CEO, Christian Reber took me through the product, which at the time was slated for release the following month. However, Reber did tell me that it would be released “When it was ready,” and the January launch proves just how committed he was to not rushing.

I talked to Reber on camera about Wunderkit and the flourishing Berlin startup scene as a whole. With him is the company’s Head of Communications, Jessica Erickson.