While exploring the App Planet hall at Mobile World Congress, I stumbled upon this neat app from a Japanese development team. Sky Reader takes a fresh, geo-social approach to the weather forecast.

At its simplest, this mobile app displays the weather for the next 24 hours as a full-screen picture that allows you to scrub backwards and forwards through time with your finger, letting you explore how the weather will change.

Beyond that, users can submit their own reports, including photographs of the sky in their current location. Other users are then able to browse these pictures within the app by moving their phone 360 degrees to see reports from different directions. The developers have also set up a number of live video feeds of the sky at locations across Japan, allowing users to quickly get an idea of the current weather around the country. Sadly, the slow MWC WiFi meant we couldn’t get video of these cameras in action.

Sure, this app won’t be for everyone, but it is a beautifully-presented, alternative approach to checking the current weather and the day’s forecast. Due to hit the Android Market next month, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry version are apparently set to follow. We look forward to taking a closer look soon.