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Utilizing location data to offer services more efficiently than traditional models is hot property right now; there’s Airbnb, the startup that utilizes spare space and Rent My Car, the company allowing peer-to-peer car sharing and now there is Park Circa, the company that connects people who have empty parking spaces during a set time to people that need them.

Spending an extra thirty minutes hunting for a parking space is an absolute bore, but there are literally thousands of downtown parking spaces that could be available for you to use for the time you need it for, the problem is this data has never been accessible and easily managable before.

Park Circa enables coordination between neighbors and friends, so that your community resources are optimized for everyone’s benefit. They help organize and publish parking schedules and we facilitate payment between parties, so that people can find parking when they need it and where they need it. Drivers find a place to park, and space owners make some money on their empty driveways.

There are similar startups in this space including Park At My House -A UK based company providing short term and long term parking available to rent at over 10,000 locations around the UK.

Check out their awesome iPhone app here