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Personera is a personalized products platform for brands on Facebook.I caught up with founder Sheraan Amod, co-founder and CEO, who told me how the company works and gave me a demo.

The company provides free of charge applications that, for the first time, allow brands to offer their communities a variety of custom print products or digital downloads, ordered directly from the brand’s Facebook fan page and fully personalized with the end user’s social network content. Personera’s platform is white-labeled and completely customizable for any unique brand identity.

Products range includes calendars, photobooks and cards, and are available in professional print versions or digital downloads. All of their products include shared content between the brand and the individual consumer, creating a one of a kind keepsake or piece of merchandise for every customer.

I asked Sheraan if they were taking a gamble as a third party application relying entirely on the Facebook platform and if they plan to expand to any other platforms. What do you think? Should apps be concentrate solely on the Facebook platform or should they be thinking beyond Facebook?