With more content on the Internet than one person could ever get through in a life time, curation is hot property right now. Scoop.it is a platform that enables you to curate and share content in a personal space.

Platforms like Tumblr and Posterous concentrate on you being able to post without blogging, Paper.li  is about curating others’ feeds, but what makes Scoop.it special is If you’re stuck for inspiration, a feed of ‘Suggested items’ can help you by seeking out content from around the social Web. The sources and search terms used can be tweaked if they’re not working for you.

After we introduced you to Scoop.it over Christmas, we decided to find out more by talking to Guiulliaume Decugis.

There’s no excuse to not blog and Scoop.it are even offering our reader 50 invites: http://www.scoop.it/subscribe?token=TheNextWeb50