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OUYA's $99 Video Game Console Launches in US, UK and Canada


Google Now Lets Cloud Storage Users Send Data By Snail Mail


Simple Launches Its Goals feature On the iPhone

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Tencent Leads $150 Million Investment in

Yahoo And Microsoft Agree To Search Deal

Microsoft joins Facebook in partial FISA disclosure: 6-7,000 requests implicated 31-32,000 accounts

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Yahoo Says US Made 12,000-13,000 Requests for Data in Last 6 Months

Apple Unveils Updated iPad In San Francisco

Apple Announces iOS 7: A Major Redesign, Focused on Simplicity


Apple Announces Over 600 Million iOS Devices Sold to Date

Apple Debuts New Operating System, iLife 11 and MacBook Air

Apple Unveils New MacBook Airs With Huge Battery Life


Mozilla: Moving Persona Servers Outside the US Won't Work

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AI startup Anki Raised $50M for Its iOS-Powered Driving Game

Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy

Airbnb Announces Emergency Housing Tool to Help Those in Need