No Joke: Godaddy Offering $1 .COM Promotion

No Joke: Godaddy Offering $1 .COM Promotion

We don’t usually write posts that are straight out promotions, but this is no joke: Godaddy currently has a $0.99 promotion running for new .COM domains until August 31, 2010. So with fees that comes out to a cool $1.17 per domain.

Seriously, it works. Just pick a new .COM and use the code ï»żSCHOOL99 and you’re in. Incredible.

F**k it, we'll do it live!

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A bit of conflicting data on how many domains you may only be able to register – on commenter said one domain per account (see the comment below), another tweet we received from Ken Yeung said one at a time – heck, even if it’s for one domain, still a good deal.

Big h/t to @TechEase

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