1 for All, a non-partisan campaign to promote and educate Americans about the First Amendment, is running a month long video contest on YouTube for anyone to leave a 30-second video testimonial about your right to “speak, rock or assemble” (as well as an image contest on Flickr and essay content).

The contest is open for any legal US resident 18 and over (official rules) and the winners will be highlighted on YouTube, on television and at an exhibit at the Newseum Museum in Washington DC.

Here’s what 1 for All is all about:

1 for All is the collaborative effort of educators, artists, journalists, lawyers, librarians and many more who believe that the American public would benefit from a greater understanding of the First Amendment and the need to protect all voices, views and faiths. Thousands of news media, arts and religious organizations from all 50 states have offered their help in support of these core freedoms.