fail-whale (1)

Update – Twitter is back up. Our retro 2007 summer rehash is now over. Back to work everyone.

Twitter is having a fun afternoon of uptime issues around the world, with both the web interface and APIs working sporadically.

One has to ask, does it hurt like it used to? With all the new tools that have sprung up in the interim, who else is depending just a little less on Twitter? That said, we await word from Twitter as to what is broken this time around.

Current betting puts rats chewing through server power cables at a three to one dog against the classic “they have no clue.”

To pass the time, make sure that you catch up on what TNW has been covering all day, it has been a killer interesting start to the week. If you have already done that, you could always, well, you know, check Buzz. At least that hasn’t had too many reliability problems yet.

I mean, what is a little privacy between you and the whole internet?