Download The Weather Channel Android App from your TV!The Weather Channel has released an application for Android, and they’re giving it a pretty cool marketing push. From time to time on TWC, a barcode will appear which can be scanned with the Barcode Scanner application.

Now this is a very cool marketing idea for anything you want users to have on a mobile platform, and it’s not just applicable for television. Let’s say you’re walking down the street and you see a poster for a new movie with one of these barcodes on it. A quick scan could give you access to release date and trailer information. An I’m sure that this could have cool tie-ins for some more cryptic marketing projects (JJ Abrams, I’m looking at you).

The barcodes in question are not the standard price check ones, but something called a QR barcode. According to Android Tapp, QR barcodes do a whole lot more:

QR bar codes are increasingly becoming popular in retail and advertising medium because they can contain more than just numbers; text, links, business card contact information, geo-location, calendar events, phone numbers, SMS, and more.

Video of the Weather Channel clip after the break.