Jinn, the on-demand local delivery service trialled in the north of England, has today announced that its platform is now available to users based in the UK capital.

While similar services like Postmates are available in the US, London’s options are a bit more limited. There used to be PocketShop, but then that shut up shop in October last year, citing an inability to gain the critical mass of customers required in each area of the city to make the service financially viable.

Jinn, however, is hoping for a better result and is offering Londoners the option of having any item delivered from any restaurant or store at a cost of £5.95 plus 10 percent of the purchase price – with all payments being handled directly through the app, negating the need to carry cash. The service is currently operational in Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, City of London, Camden, Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets between 10am and midnight.

➤ Jinn [via TechCrunch]

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock