screen568x568BT has rolled out an interesting update to its BT Wi-Fi app for iOS, one that means your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can automatically connect to a BT public WiFi hotspot as soon as you’re in range.

Last year, BT combined its Openzone wireless broadband with its BT Fon Wi-Fi community to create one brand: BT Wi-Fi. It’s provided to BT Broadband subscribers for free, and basically gives Internet access via more than 5.2 million hotspots.

The app is also available for Android – which is already enabled with this auto-connect feature – BlackBerry and Windows Phone, though there is no word yet on whether the update will be arriving soon for those platforms. However, BT did confirm that it will be launching an app for Windows 8.1 that will have similar auto-connection functionality, with users able to see if they’re online with the live tiles on the home screen changing color to reflect status.

BT introduces automatic Wifi connection for iOS users