4g featured image EE introduces Swap in the UK, letting subscribers upgrade to mobile 4G mid contract

UK mobile network EE has announced a new program called Swap, which essentially separates a handset from the airtime plan to make it easier for subscribers to upgrade their device before their contract has ended.

This is similar to O2’s Refresh initiative that launched back in April and, in an ever-evolving technological landscape, it lets users gain access to the latest smartphones without having to wait anything up to 24 months to get the latest devices.

However, with EE there is a difference. Through Swap, users can upgrade from six months onwards on an 18- or 24-month contract, but they must then start a new 24 month contract on 4G. It’s designed to encourage users to upgrade to the latest 4G-compatible handsets, and will be available to Orange and T-Mobile subscribers too – two brands that fall under the EE umbrella. It will of course let existing 4GEE users upgrade their handsets too.

To qualify, customers must already have an “eligible” device that’s in good working order, which they hand over when they upgrade. There’s also a one-off fee ranging from £49 to £249, which depends on the 24 month plan they choose. Swap is available from September 17.

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