6 260x173 Find Londons Boris Bikes via Augmented Reality on your iPhoneLondon’s newly-launched bicycle hire scheme, commonly known as ‘Boris Bikes’ after the city’s mayor Boris Johnson, has received an ease-of-use boost via augmented reality.

Presselite’s popular iPhone app London Tube has been updated with an AR layer that allows users to visualise the nearest Cycle Hire docking stations with iPhone’s camera live view. You can also locate the nearest Cycle Hire docking stations from your GPS location and see the nearest Cycle Hire points on Google Maps.

The new version of London Tube is in the iTunes store now [iTunes Link]. The feature is part of a ‘leisure pack’ of additional data for the app, downloadable via an in-app purchase. The AR feature is only available to users of iOS4.

Here’s a video of a ‘Boris Bike’ hunt in progress via the app:

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