Yes you read it right, UK based Chris Hughes of SocialTrance is going to hypnotize Twitter and Facebook users on the 4th January in what is being billed as the largest event of it’s kind.

He claims, with the sole use of his voice, he will be able to hypnotize users of the aforemnetioned social networks that will leave users to “experience relaxation like you never have before” according to Hughes.

All that users will require is a computer, with speakers as well as a Twitter or Facebook account and Hughes promises a sureal experience with users possibly finding their eyes and hands stuck together.

At the time of writing their were already 2000 participants registered for the event including myself and will be interesting to see if it works and to what level.

In particular the quality of stream will surely bear a major factor on the success of the event (I’m no expert though) and UK streaming company StreamUK are in charge of the technical proceedings.

A MP3 FAQ can be found here, as well as the Twitter and Facebook Fan Page for more information.  The event is free to sign up to and think it would be well worth a go if your the intriguing type.

[Img Source: News:Lite]