BT have announced that their 100mbps broadband network will be ready in time for the London Olympics in 2012.

Around 40% of the UK will have access to the service, and only those customers with fibre optic cables running up to their home will actually receive the kind of speeds that BT have been quoted as promising.

If your connection is comprised of a normal copper cable up to the exchange, expect a speed of around 40mbps from the new network.

Speaking to the BBC, Ian Livingston, CEO of BT believes that some of the UK will have access to the service as soon as next year “Given the progress we’re making, four million homes will have access to fibre by the end of next year”.

With the Olympics starting in late July 2012, parts of the UK will have access to this super fast broadband providing customers with the resources to stream HD video.

As we increasingly adopt streamed and on demand video services, events such as next years World Cup and the Olympics will put our networks under extreme strain as we take advantage of the accessibility and mobility of the broadcasting supplied.

Hopefully the increased availability of these fibre optic connections through the likes of BT and Virgin Media will allay any fears broadcasters are having.