Apple Brings Black Friday Sales To The UK

Apple Brings Black Friday Sales To The UK

uk store bannerIt seems even UK Apple users can benefit from Black Friday, despite the event being a US celebration. For today only, the online Apple Store are offering a range of discounts on Macbooks, iPods and free apps in iTunes.

For today only, get onto the website to receive ÂŁ71 off a Macbook Pro or iMac, ÂŁ11 from an iPod Touch and ÂŁ7 off an iPod Nano. Now would also be a good time to purchase much needed software, as there are discounts of up to ÂŁ91. Black Friday will also save ÂŁ30 on a accessories such as headphones, iPod docks and a printer.

So. Much. Tech.

Some of the biggest names in tech are coming to TNW Conference in Amsterdam this May.

Apple also have ‘Apple Store Exclusives’ today, which boast a range of smart, stylish and quirky accessories from the likes of Mulberry and other independent designers.

As well as savings on the online store, iTunes are also offering discounted and free Apps, such as IM-style client Ping! , IM+ for Skype and various Twitter clients. The list of hundreds of discounts and free apps can be found at this website.

The event has been listed on the UK store as a One day Only gift sale, however the URL links it as a Black friday event. Sales at Apple are always welcomed due to their rare appearances, especially when Black Friday is technically a U.S event not celebrated in the UK. Keep the sales coming, Apple!

Black Friday is part of the US and Canadian Thanksgiving celebration, marking the beginning of pre-Christmas shopping.

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