Cannes Lions, a long-running awards ceremony and convention for people in the “creative communications” industry, kicked off in the South of France over the weekend.

Normally, this would be but a footnote in TNW’s list of interests, but our curiosity was piqued when Twitter unveiled its official @dronie account. As the name implies, the company will be sharing selfies throughout the week using the increasingly popular unmanned aerial vehicles.

The first is a lightning-quick Vine featuring Joel Lunenfeld, VP of Global Brand Strategy at Twitter, and Sir Patrick Stewart, who really needs no introduction.

The ‘Dronie’ account could be nothing more than a marketing stunt for the next five days – an illustration of Twitter’s own “creative communications” – but we’re hopeful it’ll live on after the show. Most importantly, who would you like featured in Twitter’s next official ‘Dronie’?

Dronie [via Twitter Advertising]

Image Credit: Philipp Guelland/Getty Images