While Twitter was still in development, its founders considered naming it Twitch, Friendstalker, Smssy and Twittr.

Nick Bilton, columnist and reporter for The New York Times, included these tidbits in his recent book Hatching Twitter, and has now published some early prototypes for the logo on his blog.

Most of them were created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and experimented with different typefaces and color schemes. Far removed from the sky blue logo and bubbly letters that are now synonymous with Twitter’s image.


It was Noah Glass, another of Twitter’s co-founders, that designed this gloopy, green logo (below) that was used as the company’s moniker for a short time.


When we think of design within technology companies, all too often our attention turns to the final product; the site or apps that we use day-in, day-out. As some of these early incarnations show though, the logo is just as important.

“OLD IS BORING” (Via The Verge)

Image Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty ImagesNick Bilton