Car maker Lincoln has partnered with comedian Jimmy Fallon to crowdsource road trip experiences from Twitter for a Super Bowl ad.

A preview of the commercial has been posted to Youtube:

You’ll have to wait until the Big Game on Sunday to watch the full spot, but you can look forward to it containing reenactments of the following tweets, which were picked from over 6,000 responses to Fallon’s call for stories:

  • @karinarosewhite – We drove passed an alpaca farm, a few of them were meandering on the highway and my sister screamed, “It’s the Alpacalypse!” #steerthescript
  • @debdef – #SteertheScript Picked up a German hitchhiker who came to America to study farming!?! Drove him back to Austin to meet my friends.
  • @AllenFabijan – #SteertheScript Thousands of turtles crossing the road in FL. Dad stops, so did a huge scary Harley gang! Us and the gang played checkers!
  • @Will_Stenner – Drove through a movie set in Palemdale, CA didn’t realize it. Got out and enjoyed the catered food #SteertheScript
  • @AdinaSpivak – Two separate strangers proposed marriage twice in one day #SteertheScript … incidentally I was on my way to (someone else’s) wedding

A longer 90-second version of the ad and behind the scenes videos will be available at

Tapping Twitter users for ideas for an expensive Super Bowl ad is a bold move. What do you think of the spot?

Photo credit: KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/Getty Images