On Monday, Twitter started experiencing service troubles seemingly out of the blue. Issues users are seeing range from not being able to access the site, to slow loading, to t.co links not working. Thankfully, there isn’t a fail whale in sight.

There is good news, however: Twitter is aware of the problems and is working to address them. The company’s status page states: “Some users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.” Ironically, getting to the status page can be problematic in itself as it is hosted on Tumblr, which also doesn’t have the best track record in reliability.


TNW staff first noticed Twitter’s access issues at 4:05PM EST. Over an hour-and-half later, the site is working slowly for some and t.co links are not loading for others. The above screenshot was taking while writing this story, but a few refreshes brought Twitter back from the dead, only to have it crap out again.

A quick check on DownForEveryoneOrJustMe shows the problem is a technical one: “It’s not just you! http://twitter.com looks down from here.” Meanwhile, DownRightNow doesn’t paint a pretty picture either, classifying the problem as a “Likely Service Disruption”:


We have contacted Twitter about the problems. We will update this article if we learn more.

Image credit: Alberto Paroni