Facebook and Adobe have teamed up to provide an ActionScript3 SDK specifically for the Facebook Platform, launching it today.

The new SDK is, “fully supported by Facebook and Adobe,” and as Adobe puts it: “The Flash Platform lets you build rich, user experiences. The Facebook Platform lets you build rich, social experiences. Put the two together, and you can build killer applications incorporating social capabilities in highly interactive, expressive, and responsive applications.” Adobe certainly sounds excited about this partnership, doesn’t it?

Adobe offers two examples of apps that can be built on the Facebook Platform with Flash: a Glee app built by Fox and a FIFA app built by Playfish, and you can download the SDK here, which adds support for the Facebook Graph API.

Of course, the debate over Flash vs HTML5 has been raging all year, but Facebook continues to certainly seem to be on the side of Flash (and with all of those games, it’s not too surprising).