Casino giant Harrah’s will bring its popular World Series of Poker (WSOP) to Facebook and MySpace in a new partnership announced with Playdom, which was just acquired this week for over $700 million by Disney.

In the deal, Playdom will relaunch its Poker Palace game as the official WSOP game, starting first on Facebook and then moving to other social networks.

WSOP’s VP Craig Abrahams said in a press release, “We will immediately start to work on enhancing the game, bringing unique WSOP promotions and sweepstakes into the offering and ensuring that the battle for WSOP virtual championship bracelets can become a Facebook-friendly endeavor.”

The game will include, “single table play money, virtual cash games and single-table tournaments featuring both full-table and short-handed play,” and will only be played with play money. Users will also get a chance “to enter sweepstakes that award prizes including trips to Las Vegas and seats to live WSOP events”.