4346474718 b8a72957f3 m Twitter now running at 1 billion tweets per month2010 looks to be a record-breaking year for Twitter. After their biggest day ever on January 12th[“across all metrics that matter”] Twitter is now running at one billion tweets per month. The statistics, provided by website monitoring business Pingdom suggests the number of tweets per month jumped over 200,000 – a rise not seen since late summer 2009.

The figures, provided by Pingdom continue to impress, with a sixteen fold rise in the number of tweets during January when comparing 2009 and 2010. January also saw more tweets per day than in the whole of 2008. Based on these numbers, Pingdom suggests more rapid growth is coming.

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Based on existing growth rates, Twitter could well achieve 1.4 billion tweets in February, subject to the shorter month of course!

This is exciting data, not least because it is measuring tweets, rather than users [check the article for their methodology]. With new methods in which Twitter is being used (look at the growth of FourSquare) the number of tweets can be seen as a strong metric for engagement and potential revenue opportunities.