In the Harry Potter universe, the Ministry of Magic was the equivalent of the British government, with some jaw-dropping offices that everyone commuted to using the Floo Network. It’s now been brought to life with a sensational fan-created site styled after GOV.UK, the portal and design used for all British government departmental websites.

The site was created by Andy Brown, a cohort member of the Entrepreneur First program who worked with the Government Digital Service earlier this year. There isn’t much to dive into, admittedly – almost all of the links direct to this Confundus post – but it’s the polish and execution on the front page that make this such an impressive piece of web design.


Whether it’s the GOV.UK banner, the typeface used for the Ministry of Magic logo or the wording under the all-too familiar sub-header ‘What we do’, it’s the details that make this fan-developed site shine.

Also, Andy has named Nymphadora Tonks the Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement, alongside Arthur Weasley as Head of Department of International Magical Coopeartion. In my opinion, that’s definitely how the books should have ended.

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Image Credit: CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images