As someone with kids, I’m constantly thinking up ways to keep my two increasingly-not-so-little-ones occupied and engaged, preferably without resorting to the TV, smartphones or tablets.

That’s why I’m in awe of Justin James Clayden, known as “Justy,” who created his very own adventure board game which took his five-year-old son and him some four hours (of quality father-son time) to complete.

‘Justinia,’ as the game has been christened, evolved from a maze into a game in which players roll the dice to direct their Legotars (Lego-made avatars) across a world full of monsters, spiders, ghosts and more.

New Fog of War

You can actually download a printable image of the game via Justy’s Etsy store — where it is priced at $2 — while full details of the setup used to get his son to “sit still and concentrate for almost 4 hours” are on his blog.

➤ “Journey to Justinia”, or How I got my 5 y/o son to sit still and concentrate for almost 4 hours. [] | Etsy

Headline image via Thinkstock