Bezos Expeditions, the personal venture capital firm of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, is currently dredging rocket engines from the floor of the ocean.

The best part of the above sentence is that I’m not kidding. Bezos, worth around $24 billion, can afford the operation. He’s out hunting for F-1 engines, the flame emitters that powered the Saturn V rockets into space. As you surely recall, Saturn V rockets put a human  on the moon.

Bezos, doing precisely what you would do if you had the funds, is out searching for the returned-to-earth engine remnants of the rockets. He has found, according to his personal post on the expedition, an “incredible sculpture garden of twisted F-1 engines that tells the story of a fiery and violent end, one that serves testament to the Apollo program.”

Unlike Jeff’s investment in 37 Signals, it seems doubtful that this is a profitable venture, but at the same, who gives a damn? Check the clip for a bath to the bottom of the ocean in search of historic scrap metal:

Top Image Credit: Jeff Bezos