The Creators Project, an initiative by VICE and Intel, has announced a series of collaborations with artists that can turn Facebook data into 3D printed objects.

There’s three versions to choose from which are figurative or abstract. Monster Me by Sticky Monster Lab turns your location data and interests into a little monster and its environment. Crystallized by SoftLab takes data about your friend connections and grows a rock crystal. Astroverb by SosoLimited takes your status updates and creates a tongue-in-cheek zodiac that is then represented as an abstract.

All three can then be printed in 3D through a partnership with Shapeways. The price of the result depends on the materials you choose to print it in. The whole project was developed in collaboration with Hyper Hyper.

TNW gave it a spin to make a little monster. In the pictures below you can see the figure when it was first created and then when it is fully grown and surrounded by buildings that represent my interests.

little monster

bigger monster

The Creators Project Facebook Sculptures