Internet trickster Tom Scott has created a site called ‘Soul Compare‘ that has a little message in the madness.

Never one to miss a punchline, Scott described Soul Compare as “…a new startup that’ll disrupt the old and slow soul-selling industry. No more midnight meetings at deserted crossroads; instead, your soul is instantly valued using Facebook, and you receive comparison offers from all the major soul-trading supernatural entities.”

Who wouldn’t want to shed the requirement for ancient rituals when you can process your needs via a social network?

soul compare screen
The joke uses the Facebook Graph API. Scott says, “For anyone who has qualms about signing into sites with Facebook – that includes me! – all the processing is done in the user’s browser; their details don’t even hit my server. There’s a sort-of director’s commentary in the source code, if anyone wants to check that!”

The idea came from Scott’s experience shopping at an online store which offered a $1 discount in exchange for a Facebook ‘Like’. “That led me to the question: How far would people compromise their social profiles, and ultimately their morals, in exchange for a discount? Could you get someone to change their profile picture for a free sandwich? How about spamming their friends for a beer? And ultimately, how about selling their soul for… something? The jump from there to automatically “weighing souls”, and making a parody of insurance comparison sites, wasn’t too big! ”

Faust would probably agree. Automated soul exchange would definitely speed along he process and maybe even provide a little sympathy for the Devil.

Explaining the site a little further, Scott told The Next Web, “The weighing algorithm is utterly arbitrary and meaningless, in the same way as my old site Klouchebag — and, I’d argue, pretty much all of the social-metric sites. The idea that you can judge someone’s “value” by what they do online is so ridiculous that I had to take the mickey out of it again!”

jk soul

I tried the site myself and the results were intriguing. My soul is worth 100.1 gigaMorgans (One Morgan being the value of Piers Morgan’s soul).

I was made many interesting offers from $2 off a Whopper burger to vengeance over my enemies thanks to Anubis (although upon death my soul would be devoured by Ammit the crocodile-lion-hippopotamus) or a warm Welsh baritone from Tom Jones. I can only hope that is not a euphemism.

Try it yourself, what is your soul worth and would you give it up for a few ‘Like’s on Facebook?

Well played Mr Scott.