Rock legend David Bowie is celebrating his 66th birthday today with a whopper of a gift for his fans: an iTunes-exclusive single from his upcoming album, the first in 10 years.

Bowie may have been away from a while, but he’s jumping right back in to the new way of distributing music. His single, entitled “Where Are We Now?” is available for purchase on iTunes and the full album, “The Next Day”, can be pre-ordered ahead of its expected March 2013 release.

The standard version of the album will feature 14 tracks and 53 minutes of music, while a deluxe version adds three bonus tracks.

It’s worth noting that Bowie himself predicted that record labels and copyright would be replaced by 2012. The future hasn’t panned out exactly as he planned (his album is being released by Iso/Columbia Records), but he wasn’t too far off base.

Welcome back, Mr. Bowie. Oh, and happy birthday.

Image credit: BERTRAND GUAY / AFP / Getty Images