Have you ever wondered who the little boy busting a move with PSY in the “Gangnam Style” video is? Apparently he’s Hwang Min-Woo and, if it wasn’t clear already, he’s got some serious swagger.

PSY apparently discovered him after a performance on Korea’s Got Talent. With Gangnam Style racking up well over a billion views and counting, Hwang is off to quite the start for his K-pop career. LG has already tapped him for his own “Life Is Good” commercial.

He’s not going to settle, though, as he’s aiming for the stars.

“I will become a global star who is more famous than PSY,” he recently told Reuters.

Best of luck to him in that effort. Here’s hoping he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life as “the kid in that Gangnam Style video.”

(hat tip @orli)